The Little Purse of Verse. Launch Party

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Monday 13th April saw Kipper Hill Press become a true embryonic publisher when an enthusiastic invited audience attended The Watchtower Gallery. Having been lubricated with champagne and fine wine (don’t expect that to become the norm!) the guests were treated to readings from the poetry volume by, Karl Robins, Sheree Parkinson, Benj Foreman. With Frank Meadley and Marie Tucker singing the two poems which have been set to music by Frank.

Julie Taylor and Andrew Smith from Berwick and District Cancer Care came along and Julie read the poem dedicated to the charity in the book. Around seventy pounds was raised as a result of book sales and several of those present were generous in making random donations. Thanks to all who attended, this charity is beyond words for those in need of their selfless services.

For those not lucky enough to have been at the event, here are Marie and Frank.

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